Workout Wednesday

Top tush tightening exercises that will give you a butt to be thankful for this Thanksgiving. If you’re at an out of town gym, you should be able to do these with no problem.



Leg Press

Curtsey with Lunge and Single Leg Deadlift

Hip Bridges

Dead Lift


Weighted Dolphin Kick

Hip Abduction with band

Click these videos to see proper form and technique. Choose your weight and rep range depending on your goal. On the primary exercise, if your goal is to tighten and tone, use a rep range from 18-20 reps using weight that would allow you to reach failure.  If your goal is to build muscle, a rep range of 8-10 is suitable.  For the finisher exercises, use high reps from 40-60 for a good burn.

1.) Squat, Leg Press, Curtsey with Lunge and Single Leg Dead Lift, Hip Bridges

2.) Dead Lift, Finishers Weighted Dolphin Kick and Hip Abduction with Band