No Time, No Problem

You don’t have to spend hours in the gym to get an amazing physique. The key is to build a program designed to target every muscle group in a very short period of time. I suggest doing compound, multi-joint exercises. When you do multi-joint exercises, more muscle groups are used per exercise, stimulating growth throughout the entire body, including your arms, due to the release of anabolic(muscle-building) testosterone and growth hormone. There is more demand put on the body when performing these exercises, creating a better result. Here are a few examples of exercises that will work the entire body very quickly and effectively, so you can get back to your busy lives.

-Jeff Toney


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Compound, Multi-Joint Exercises

*Do 20 repetitions each for single arm movements. For full body movements, do 20 repetitions total.

Single Arm Thrust to Press: Shoulders and legs

Push-Up, Extension : Chest, Triceps, Legs, and Abs

One Arm Renegade Row: Back and Core Muscles

Curl Squat to Jump: Biceps and Legs